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I’ve faced battles where I didn’t feel strong enough to handle .You’ve probably had the same experience. The confidence to be successful doesn’t come from how strong we are, but from how strong God is. The battles we face serve to prove His strength.

One battle I struggled with is feeling “enough”— especially pretty enough. My turning point came when I realized I would never be pretty enough by the world’s standards and finally grasped what mattered most: God did not create me to be like everyone else. He created me to be uniquely me. I can’t begin to describe the freedom I experienced when I fully embraced that I am God’s handcrafted daughter.

Recognizing the lies our society promotes and resting in the truth He has spoken into me brought me a security in my appearance I’d never felt before. A woman will never be completely at peace with her looks until she believes she is beautiful not because of who she is, but whose she is. The world offers us makeup to be prettier, push-up bras to be sexier, and fad diets to give us confidence. God offers the truth that He created us and has declared us beautiful—and that is a fact to celebrate.

Queen You are Enough

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