About The Owner

Shenaita Edwards

Hello, I'm Nai Edwards (Shenaita Edwards), Founder and CEO of Enough The Brand. I am a Baltimore Native who just had enough.


Often we try to follow our paths and it's not God's path. We interrupt our assignment. In 2020 I experienced a shift in my life, Where all of my feelings were weighing heavy on me. Everything. About the old me I questioned. The people around me, my conversations, and my calling.


Was I doing enough? Am I enough? This couldn’t possibly be what God intended for me. I began to listen to sermons on YouTube and then I made a playlist. In my head, God was pulling on me. And the same questions arose. I’ve had ENOUGH. I had to do some self-evaluation. I had to learn the good parts about me and also the parts where I chose not to show. I had to learn to be content with who I was as a person and as a child of God; therefore knowing the two must align. 


I began to find out some things I didn’t think I was strong enough to handle or even capable enough to allow myself to feel. I started waking up out of my sleep, and I would just think. One morning God spoke to me and said Aren’t you tired? Indeed I was and didn’t even know. It’s something about the beauty of knowing and believing God is Enough.


Thank you for closing doors I'm not strong enough to close!